Asha Noor


Asha Noor


Asha Noor is a Somali-American racial justice and human rights activist, peace building and conflict resolution specialist, educator, and writer. She serves on the Advocacy and Civic Engagement Specialist for the national TAKE ON HATE program. Noor has worked both domestically and abroad in conflict zones with marginalized communities, including women, afro-indigenous groups, refugees, religious minorities and trauma victims.

Asha Noor earned a degree in Political Science from Michigan State and a Masters in Conflict Analysis from George Mason. She was born in Somalia in 1990, her family fled the war when she was only three months old, at that time her family briefly lived in a refugee camp in Kenya. Soon enough, her family made the United States their first home in Detroit, Michigan. She currently lives and organizes in Detroit right now.

Presently, Asha Noor serves on the Advocacy and Civic Engagement Specialist for the national TAKE ON HATE program. Before coming to TAKE ON HATE, Noor worked with Islamic Relief USA where she gained an understanding of international humanitarian issues. During her graduate studies at the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, she focused much of her research and work on Somalia and conflicts facing the Somali diaspora.

Noor completed the bulk of her research and fieldwork in Somaliland, working with the Academy for Peace and Development, a think tank developing and sustaining peace in the area. With the program’s help and support, Noor worked with the Systemic Violence and Systems Transformation Working group and completed a field study in Northeast Brazil on poverty. In the Montes de Maria region of Colombia, Noor was a part of a research team that worked with Afro-Indigenous trauma victims around displacement and reparations.

Noor works to create safe spaces on the ground while organizing online as well. She combines traditional models of grassroots work with an emphasis on proactive organizing in racial justice work. Asha Noor's activism demonstrates the essential nature of proactive programming-- it builds power, sustains momentum, and cultivates the movement.

Noor’s mission is to connect with her community to achieve agency and understanding of ways to dismantle structural and systemic racism. She believes in growing together to resist, and centering our own voices and reclaim our narratives.