Eman Idil Bare

Eman Idil Bare


Eman Idil Bare is a Somali-Ethiopian-Canadian Muslim modest fashion designer, journalist, and advocate of ethical manufacturing. Bare is a Canadian based journalist who writes for The Demureist, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, Muslim Girl, and CBC News. Recently, she launched her self named fashion label, Eman Idil Designs.

Born on August 18, 1992, Eman Idil is a Somali-Ethiopian-Canadian from Regina, Saskatchewan. A lover of fashion and with a passion for storytelling and reporting, she eloquently tells stories through her writing and through her unique style. She is a graduate of the University of Regina School of Journalism, where upon graduation she was awarded the CTV Investigative Journalism scholarship. After college, she was among 23 women to be selected across Canada to speak at the Bold Vision Conference in Prince Edward Island.

The modest fashion movement has granted Muslim women a sense of inclusion. Muslim women are redefining what is beautiful and fashionable to them on social media, giving millions of Muslim women the pride to wear their modest clothing unapologetically. Eman Idil is a Black, Muslim fashion designer, yoga instructor and a journalist. Not only is she creating spaces to express,  but she also uses her platform to challenge the anti-blackness that is apparent in and outside the modest fashion world.

Her line, Eman Idil Designs focuses on bringing safe and fair employment to women from marginalised communities through fashion. Everything she designs is handcrafted in Saskatchewan, Canada by women who came to the country as refugees. Each piece she makes tells a story- from the women who make the garment, to the women who weave the textiles.

Eman Idil Designs is about building a global community, by empowering women from all walks of life. She curates ethically sourced fabrics from East Africa, South America, and Morocco to create original pieces.

On Muslim Femme's and #MuslimWomensDay support Eman Idil's line of ethically sourced one of a kind fashion accessories.