Meet the Interns: Session One

Session One of the Equality for HER Internship takes place from April 10th - June 2nd

Equality for HER is dedicated to inclusion, diversity, and breaking down barriers. In keeping to our commitment our team has created an internship that removes a litany of barriers. The internship is 100% online which the costly expenses of having to pay for travel costs and temporary housing. The internship is focused on skill cultivation and professional development. Participants will be required to attend online trainings and workshops on Inclusive Language, Digital Storytelling, Developing and Maintaining Personal Brand, and a Resumé Workshop. Our interns will be privy to the leadership of a host of experts in the fields of technology, social advocacy, journalism, and more.

At the end of each eight week session the interns will be equipped with a host of tangible accomplishments to take with them as they continue their academic and professional careers. Meet the inaugural class of Equality for HER Interns.

Chynna Cummings

Chynna Cummings is a high school graphic designer from Staten Island, New York. She is passionate about writing and designing. Outside of school, Chynna is a student ambassador for Kids N Culture. After graduation, Chynna plans to attend college and study Communications.


Eddie Correa

Eddie Correa is an 18-year-old Afro Latino Dominican from New York City. He is currently attending the University of Dallas working on a degree in Psychology. Eddie grew up moving around the city of New York and the United States at large. Eddie is passionate about learning how to use male privilege to help the advance intersectional activism in the battle against the oppression of all marginalized groups.

Kiara C. Fair

Kiara C. Fair is a writer and creative based in Atlanta, Georgia with professional experience in digital communications. As a writer, her work revolves around arts, women, and mental health. Kiara hopes to focus her studies on identity and culture in the future and is especially interested in social change and activism. During the internship, Kiara will to travel to Cueca, Ecuador to study public relations in the nonprofit sector.

Tessa Kassinger

Tessa Kassinger is a high school student from Toronto, Ontario. Tessa regularly does volunteer work around her community and within her school, with a focus on helping out women in transitional housing. Her studies are focused on languages, arts and politics. Tessa spends a great deal of her time creating different makeup looks and browsing stories about current events.

Clarissa Brooks

Clarissa Brooks, is a junior at Spelman College studying English and Writing. She is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. Clarissa has been engaged in community organizing work and journalism for nearly 3 years. From mobilizing communities, hosting teach-ins, leading direct actions, and developing policy her love of community always comes first. She hopes to use the internship to help develop more skills to make this world a better place.

Kim Rodriguez

Kim Rodriguez is a student at Rider University graduating in 2018. Kim was drawn to Equality for HER following the Femme's & Women's History Month Series which took place this March. Kim works on her predominantly White college campus to create spaces for femmes of multiple marginalized identities. Kim is eager to learn more about how she can access information and resources to advance and improve the status of femmes globally.

Dani Bologna

Dani Bologna is a 17 year old student living in the United Kingdom. Aside from her passion for voicing her opinions on feminism, social justice and current affairs, Daniela also possesses an interest in cultural and social history, as well as photography. An aspiring author and photojournalist, Dani is committed to helping the world become a more accessible and empathic place.