Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones


Leslie Jones is an American comedian and actor known for her brilliant and unique style of stand-up comedy as well as her prominent role on Saturday Night Live as a writer and cast member. In 2016, Jones made her debut in the movie industry, starring in the all-woman remake of Ghostbusters.

Born on September 7 in Memphis, TN, Jones was born into a military family. While she was young, her family relocated to Los Angeles where her father took a job as an electronic engineer at Stevie Wonder’s radio station.

As a child, her father suggested she play basketball because of her height, and that landed her a basketball scholarship at Chapman University. She then later transferred to Colorado State University, where she discovered her love for comedy. While she was in college, she began performing stand-up and later left school to move back to Los Angeles to pursue comedy.

Leslie Jones returned to the City of Los Angeles to focus on her comedy career. Jones first performed at comedy hubs like The Comedy Store, a legendary place West Hollywood. Jones’ career was complicated by misogynoir. Undeterred she challenged the overwhelming instances of gatekeeping as her talents were relegated to being an opener instead of the main event. But nevertheless, she persisted.

After taking a couple years off and honing her craft, Leslie Jones auditioned for Saturday Night Live and became a writer for the show. Her talents behind the scenes are matched by her on stage presence. After doing her set for the Weekend Update on SNL, Leslie gained a loyal fanbase, and she eventually joined the cast in 2014. Leslie Jones is now a household name, renowned for unique ability to incorporate current events into witty and thoughtful humor.
Leslie Jones shines in a field dominated by whiteness, patriarchy, and misogyny. She is legendary. She is unapologetically herself. Leslie Jones gives Black women, and women everywhere the permission to be proud of themselves and to love themselves.