Najma Sharif


Najma Sharif


Najma is a Somali American writer and editor living in Brooklyn. Najma serves as Equality for HER's Editorial Director. Najma has written for multiple publications including Vice, Nylon Magazine, OkayAfrica, MuslimGirl and The Tempest. She has been featured in Buzzfeed and Paper Magazine and is cited in the Los Angeles Times.

This past summer, Najma was the creative director for a series done by MuslimGirl: 100 Years of Hijab Fashion. Through video, Najma highlighted the many styles that African Muslims have worn throughout the ages. 

Najma Sharif's passion for writing and storytelling stems from the need to highlight the voices and stories of those that tend to be ignored. Najma works to elevate the voices of Black, Muslim and LGBT people through writing and video.