Our Team: Najma Sharif, Lori Ro, & Blair Imani

Our Team: Najma Sharif, Lori Ro, & Blair Imani


Equality for HER is a nonprofit media outlet dedicated to inclusion, diversity, and breaking down barriers. As #FWHM2017 comes to a close we invite you to meet our core leadership team: Najma Sharif, Lori Ro, and Blair Imani. 

Najma Sharif


Najma is a Somali American writer and editor living in Brooklyn. She is currently the Editorial Director for Equality for HER where she manages the original content on the site. Najma has written for multiple publications including Vice, Nylon Magazine, OkayAfrica, MuslimGirl and The Tempest. She has been featured in Buzzfeed and Paper Magazine and is cited in the Los Angeles Times.

This past summer, Najma was the creative director for a series done by MuslimGirl: 100 Years of Hijab Fashion. Through video, Najma highlighted the many styles that African Muslims have worn throughout the ages. 

Najma Sharif's passion for writing and storytelling stems from the need to highlight the voices and stories of those that tend to be ignored. Najma works to elevate the voices of Black, Muslim and LGBT people through writing and video.


Lori is an activist and organizer of Guatemalan and Salvadoran descent based in New York. Lori is the Global Communications Director for Equality for HER. Ro manages all internal and external organizational communications for the platform. They are leading the development of Equality for HER's internship program and video content series. 

Previously, Lori served as a media coordinator at Planned Parenthood Federation of America's New York office. Lori has also worked with Basic Rights Oregon as a Communications Associate. Their background is in LGBTQ, women’s rights and health, and Title IX organizing.

Ro is a passionate advocate whose interests include writing, photography, learning, and educating. Lori is committed to ensuring new and diverse voices are heard and reflected within social justice and service.

Blair Imani

Blair Imani is a Black American Muslim activist living in Brooklyn, NY. Blair is the founder and Executive Director of Equality for HER and a community activist. She founded Equality for HER in 2014 while she was a student at Louisiana State University.

Imani has always held an affinity for direct action. She was first described as an activist following her July 2016 arrest at a Black Lives Matter protest in Baton Rouge in response to the killing of Alton Sterling. 

Imani is a recognized authority on diversity and inclusion. She is dedicated to redefining womanhood and honoring the humanity of all people.